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Peterborough Transit offers regular bus routes as well as express services. Map booklets can be obtained at the Simcoe Street Terminal.




(705) 745-0525


190 Simcoe Street, Peterborough
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The canal opens for navigation in the middle of May and closes after Thanksgiving in mid October. It is 386 km long and makes its way through Central Ontario. It takes roughly a week to travel the full length of the Waterway by boat. Passing through 36 conventional locks, 2 sets of flight locks, two of the world's highest hydraulic lift locks and a marine railway are all part of the adventure.




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Cycle Routes

Route 1 - Jackson Park:

Most scenic of the routes, least traffic, route is all residential streets and trail, remote along western most part of trail, rough terrain in one section. Going west from McDonnel Street, travel to the second bridge; look for the steep path on your left as you approach the bridge. Follow this path, keeping to the right, until you reach Parkhill Road. This short path is rough and you must carry your bike down from the trail.
(10km, 35-45 mins)

Route 1b - Alternate Route:

If you want to stick to the streets, go out Weller Street instead of taking the trail. Turn left on Fair Avenue, right on Glenforest Boulevard and continue along the route as marked. This alternative is hillier, but less remote and these streets all have good lane widths.
(9.2 kms, 30-40 mins)

Route 2 - Clonsilla Route

The most direct route to the College. There is heavy traffic and many commercial entrances along Lansdowne Street and Clonsilla Avenue. A wide shared sidewalk is provided along one side of Lansdowne and along Clonsilla from Lansdowne to the Parkway. Lane width along these streets is poor. Watch for turning vehicles.  This route is recommended for experienced cyclists only.
(8.3 km, 25-35 mins)

Route 3 - Souther Route:

Good lane widths for cyclists even with the traffic along Monaghan Road and Crawford Drive west of the Parkway. Remote along Whittington Drive and part of Crawford Drive. Whittington Drive doesn't officially go through to Fisher Drive. The railway crossing along this section is steep with loose footing, and the trains still use this route. Extreme caution is advised when crossing the train tracks.
(11 kms, 35-45 mins)
Local Taxi Services

A Classic Ride Taxi:

7055 Hunter Street
(866) 632-4103

Capitol Taxi Ltd.:

728 Rye Street
(705) 742-4242


2026 Bensfort Road
(705) 745-2424

City Cab:

2026 Bensfort Road
(705) 743-9090

Village Taxi:

711 Rye Street
(705) 748-8294